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Join our team!

We’re looking for amazing members, associates and student ambassadors! Become a part of our association and build meaningful connections with other fellow Malaysians! Please click on the links below to apply.


Why should you join the MYSAI committee?

As an associate, you will

  • Get to work with talented students all across Ireland and be part of an aspiring network of Malaysian students

  • Expand your social network among Malaysian students and beyond

  • Develop leadership skills, soft skills and interpersonal skills

  • Your position will add to your CV

What does an associate do?

Associates work under specific departments of their choice towards set goals of the department which:

  • Ensure the smooth operation of department and association

  • Given opportunity to lead and take charge of different projects and initiatives

  • Have the opportunity to apply for directorship for the next council

What are the requirements for the role?

  • Must be a Malaysian undergraduate student in the 2021/2022 academic year

  • Outgoing, sociable and strong team player

  • Passionate to contribute to Malaysian community

  • Teamwork and leadership experiences are a bonus

What is the interview process?

Interview is estimated to take about 40-50 minutes and it will be conducted over Zoom. The interview comprises 3 sections:

  • General interview questions

  • MYSAI specific & role specific questions

  • Scenario based questions

How to prepare?

Be yourself! Do some research on the role you are applying for but ultimately we just want to get to know you better as a person!

What are student ambassadors?

  • Act as a connection between MYSAI and the rest of the Malaysian students in the relevant colleges and their respective international offices

  • Promote MYSAI’s events/programs/brands etc to colleges

  • Receive feedback/suggestion/advice from colleges and Malaysian communities within the colleges

Student Ambassadors work closely with the Welfare Department.

What departments are available?

There are many departments you can choose from. Here’s a summary on the job scopes and responsibilities for each department:

Project and Events Department

  • Plan and organise MYSAI events

  • Come up with fun and creative events

  • Collaborate with other societies and organisations

Corporate Relations Department

  • Research for funding opportunities

  • Act as main contact point for external and corporate parties (including Malaysian Embassy Liaise and update partners and sponsors)

  • Treasurer on contract proposals and renewals

  • Expand MYSAI's network

Public Relations and Outreach Department

  • Manage social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Discord, LinkedIn, Youtube)

  • Actively maintain and develop the MYSAI website

  • Create promotional and marketing materials for events and initiatives

  • Creating new marketing strategies for MYSAI

Human Resources Department

  • Create internal recruitment structure

  • Create engagement phase between new associates and directors

  • Resolve and mediate any internal affairs

Welfare Department

  • Oversee the welfare of Malaysian students and societies

  • Deal with any welfare requests or issues from members

  • Create and facilitate welfare initiatives and projects

Treasury Department

  • Responsible for the planning and budgeting of council

  • Produce sponsorship contracts, invoices and receipts

  • Responsible for producing monthly financial reports

Secretarial Department

  • Schedule and organise meetings and record minutes

  • Create official documents including Annual Report

  • Respond to general enquiries through email

Applicants will be asked to select up to 3 departments of choice. You can go for any department of interest.

How to apply?

You can apply online through the link above, and successful candidates will be notified via email.

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